Auto Repair Hacks to Help You Save More

Auto Repair Hacks to Help You Save More

Auto Repair Hacks to Help You Save More in the following ways:

– A damaged pipe can be tweaked by connecting the remaining part with a Pringles tin and tape. Make sure the can is empty.

– Replace the damaged fan belt with a cut from a pair of hose panties.

– Take the tape and twist it several times. Fasten the two ends to make a temporary belt.

– Leaking radiators can be treated with certain body fluids to fill them. Make sure fluids are obtained in a way that is safe and not harmful to your body.

– Toothpaste can be used to clean dim headlights. Use a clean cloth to spread the toothpaste over the cover and rinse thoroughly.

– Cracks in the front or rear lights can be repaired using clear or red tape. Remember that this is an emergency repair. The footage can interfere with the way the light emits out.

– Windows can be prevented from fogging with socks filled with cat litter. Leave the socks in the car.

– Shaving cream can also be applied to the inside of the window and cleaned afterward.

– Mix two parts vinegar with one part water in a spray bottle and spray it on the windshield. This will melt the ice without you having to scrape it off.

– Credit cards can be used as a last resort to scrape ice from windows.

– If your windshield wipers are frozen on the glass in the morning, you can try tucking them in a sock the night before.

– Small cracks in the windshield can be prevented from spreading until they are repaired by rubbing with clear nail polish.

– Remove unwanted registration stickers or bumpers using wet newspaper. Cover the sticker with a sheet for 10 minutes. It will peel off easily.

– Squeeze the hand sanitizer into the frozen door lock. Prevent doors from freezing by spraying the edges with cooking spray.

– Lowering tire pressure provides better traction and the tires can go down snow-covered roads.

– You can try to remove dents in the car body using a hair dryer and a duster. Heat the dent with a hairdryer for up to 60 seconds and spray the dent for 10 seconds with a duster, upside down.

– Use the plunger to fix the dent. Close the place tightly with the plunger and pull it up.


Author: Novus