Car Care Tips You Need to Know

Car Care Tips You Need to Know

Car Care Tips You Should Know, as follows:
1. Air filter
You can replace your car’s air filter without having to go to a garage.
A. Find a filter under the hood. It should appear as a black rectangular box with a metal clip on the side. You can refer to the manual if you can’t find it.
b. Open the case and find out how the filter entered. Pay attention to the direction the filter is positioned.
c. Remove the old filter and enter the new one exactly how the old one is positioned.
d. Make sure to close the metal clip again.

2. Windshield wipers
The wiper blade is set differently from car to car. But the general process must be similar.
A. Lift the bar as if you are going to wash the windshield by hand. Remove the old bar.
b. Note how the old blade is connected to the metal arm.
c. Usually, you will see a tab under the eraser. Press tab to release the old bar.
d. Wear a new knife. Be sure not to bend the eraser arm or scratch the windshield of your car.
Align everything correctly and tighten the new bar tightly.

3. Spark plugs
A. Finding spark plugs should be relatively easy. Stoppers are usually attached to thick rubber cables.
b. Depending on the number of cylinders in your car, there must be 4, 6, or eight plugs. Don’t take it out
all cables at once. The installation of spark plugs is done in a certain order. You must maintain this order.
c. Remove the first spark plug using the spark plug socket and extension on the ratchet.
d. Put a new plug. Screw with your hand and follow by tightening with a wrench.
e. Reattach the wire.
f. Repeat this step for other spark plugs.


Author: Novus