Stop a Windshield Crack from Spreading the Easiest Way

Stop a Windshield Crack from Spreading the Easiest Way

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Stop a Windshield Crack from Spreading the Easiest Way – Your windshield can crack from any number of causes. While it’s just a crack, you cannot take this issue too lightly. A cracked windshield may become a source of a variety of problems left unattended. If you choose to wait for a long time before eventually get the crack fixed, it will spread until you can barely make out what’s before you when driving. Once the crack spreads throughout the windshield, there’s nothing you can do but to replace it as repair might not work at all. Like the thing you play online on a site, you must always be careful and avoid unnecessary losses. There are risks of leaving cracked windshield unrepaired:

1. The chances of a serious injury or fatality increase with cracked windshield. In a rollover accident, the roof is likely to cave in easily if the windshield is cracked.

2. A cracked windshield is also distracting. Light getting into your eyes can get reflected and distract your vision. A cracked windshield is an eligible reason for the cops to ticket you and it’s for this safety factor.

3. A cracked windshield makes your car look unattractive. It may reduce the value of your car should you plan to sell it.

So, is there a temporary fix for this matter before you get to a repair shop?

1. Use superglue or clear nail polish
Make sure that you have cleaned the windshield with auto glass cleaner and paper towels before you fill the crack with either of the substances. Apply the nail polish or superglue to the crack and let it sit to dry. Once dry, cover the area with clear packing tape to stop dirt from entering.

2. Use a kit of windshield repair
You can find kits for windshield repair at local hardware stores. You need to bore a small hole into the top layer of the glass using a 1/16-inch drill bit. When you’re done, use the resin from the repair kit into the borehole to seal it, reduce pressure on the windshield, and prevent crack from spreading. If done correctly, you might even forget about having to bring your car to the auto shop.

3. Avoid rapid changes of temperature
Glass expands and contracts depending on the temperature. Park the car in the shade whenever possible and don’t use window defroster at least until the crack is repaired.

4. Make a point to either repair or replace a windshield
If the crack has already spread more than three inches, you may need to replace the windshield altogether.

Choosing the Right Rear Mirror for Your Car

Simple Hacks of Choosing the Right Rear Mirror for Your Car

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Simple Hacks of Choosing the Right Rear Mirror for Your Car – Rear mirrors on the car are very important. Driver needs to see all of the surrounding through rear mirror. In fact, to find the right rear mirror for the car is not that simple. Sometimes you have to find rear mirrors that not really fit for car. Simple life hacks for you who want to choose the right rear mirror for your cars:

– Ultra Wide Angle
The first thing that is really important for choosing the right rear mirror is its ultra wide angle component. This one becomes the most important thing because drivers must see in the wide angle. Other benefits of choosing ultra wide angle rear mirror are:

  • Drive in the right way because driver can see clearly.
  • Take a right distance with another vehicle because drivers can see another vehicle around him.
  • Drive precisely on the street because driver can take right prediction while driving.

Of course ultra wide angle is very important for driver just as enough and is crucial. So, make sure that the rear mirror you choose already have ultra wide angle component on it.

– Anti-Glare Components
Glare is very annoying for the driver, especially when driving at night. Shadow or light from another car or street lamp possibly make the driver confused. There is a solution for this. You can choose anti-glare rear mirror for your car. There are some points you have to see before you choose anti-glare rear mirror:

  • Try to use it on under the bright light. Before you buy it, make sure that you have already tried the rear mirror under the bright light. You need to see either rear mirror really have anti-glare components.
  • Check the component and make sure it has guarantee of antiglare components on it.

Anti-glare component helps a lot when you apply it correctly on your car. Do not hesitate to choose the rear mirror with anti-glare components and feel the benefit of it.

– Electrical Connection Mirror
Last component you have to choose is electrical connection mirror for the car. I tis really important because you can adjust the rear mirror easily when you have electrical components on it. You only have to adjust it from inside the car.

Some drivers will find difficulties when adjusting rear mirror manually. The electrical connection on the rear mirror can make it easier to adjust it anytime you need it. When you choose rear mirror, make sure that it has anti-glare components, electrical connection, and also ultra wide angle on it. Try it

Some Fast Fixes for Car Repair

Some Fast Fixes for Car Repair

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Some Fast Fixes for Car Repair – You can keep your car problem-free and running smoothly through DIY fixes and by understanding some tips to know what to avoid. It is much wiser to prevent damage from happening than to pay for more than what you should after said damages have already taken place. Say goodbye to unnecessary trips to car repair shops with these easy and cheap tips and trips.

1. Change the coolant in timely manner
Nothing lasts forever including the coolant for your radiator. It needs to be changed on schedule. Green coolant requires change every 24,000 miles and extended-life coolant every 100,000 miles. Failure in meeting these schedules can end up making you have to change the radiator, heater core, and water pump.

2. Change the fluids in timely manner
Changing transfer case fluid and differential oil is easy and cheap. These components would cost you $1,500 each for replacement, should you fail to change the fluids.

3. Pay attention to cabin air filter
You could overload the car’s A/C system if you left the cabin air filter clogged. The filter should be replaced once a year.

4. Test coolant with a voltmeter
Get a digital voltmeter. Set the digital voltmeter you have in your hands to the lowest DC setting reading. Dip the positive probe into the coolant. Touch the negative probe to the terminal of the negative battery. Rev the engine to 2,000 rpm. A reading of .4 volts or more, change the coolant immediately.

5. Do something about your cloudy headlights
Cloudy headlights can be easily tackled using a special kit. You do not have to replace them if cloudiness is the main problem here.

Car Repair

6. Look for corroded battery terminals
Added strain will be the consequence of corroded terminals and it will be bad for the car’s charging system and systems of computer-controlled functions. Avoid electrical problems on your car by cleaning the corroded terminals regularly.

7. Beware of the defroster getting out of action
There is no need of bringing the car to a mechanic. Just get a Permatex Quick Grid repair kit from any auto parts store. Make sure you have followed the instructions and defrosting process can commence properly.

8. Mixing different coolants is a no-go
When mixed, the blue, orange, red, yellow, and green coolants will create cool mud. As a result, you will have to pay for up to $1,000 to replace heater core.

How to Remove Scratch on Car Mirror in 5 Minutes

How to Remove Scratch on Car Mirror in 5 Minutes

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How to Remove Scratch on Car Mirror in 5 Minutes – Scratch on the mirror is really irritating for driver. Even if it is only a small scratch on the mirror, you better remove it from your car, because there are many ways to remove scratch from your car’s mirror. These are the best way to remove scratch on car mirror in 5 minutes:

– White Tooth Paste
White tooth paste can be the easiest way to remove scratch from mirror. White tooth paste that you can find anywhere actually has a big role of removing scratch from the mirror. How to apply it? Here are the steps for you:
• Prepare soft sponge and white tooth paste.
• Apply the tooth paste on the sponge
• Before you rub it on the mirror, please clean up mirror using water
• After that, rub the sponge and white tooth paste on the scratched mirror.
• Wait for a while and you can see that the scratch is already removed from car’s mirror.

White tooth paste is not expensive, but it has a big role to be the solution for your scratched mirror. It is also safe for your car, so you do not need to worry about it.

– Polishing Powder
Beside white tooth paste, polishing powder can be another way to fix scratch from the mirror. Polishing powder has a gentle texture and very possible to remove scratch. You only need to apply i ton the mirror, wait for a while and then remove it from the mirror.
Few things you need to pay attention before you apply the polishing powder on the mirror are:

  • Make sure that the mirror is cleaned already.
  • Dry the mirror before you apply the polishing powder.
  • Ue polishing powder that safe for your car’s color.

If you have already fulfilled those things, that means you can use polishing powder for your car. Apply it regularly once a week and get the best result of fit.

– Changing Filler
The last way to remove scratch from the mirror is changing filler on car’s mirror. This is effective, but this is quite expensive for some people. Changing filler can remove all of scratches on the mirror. But It is only recommended when you see wide scratch on car’s mirror.

You can tell people who are experts in removing scratches on the car mirror, make sure the mirror has been cleaned. And if you feel bored waiting for your car’s mirror to be cleaned, you can play online gambling to get rid of your boredom.

Things You Need to Know Before Servicing Your Automotive to The Garage

Things You Need to Know Before Servicing Your Automotive to The Garage

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Having car in your garage can be one of your milestones in your life. New car will perform great performance, right? Maintaining your to preserve its great performance can be more important than others. Likely, servicing your car is a must to take care your car properly to avoid any hefty repair bills in the feature. But, before taking your car in the car services, there are several things you need to consider about it. We have what you need in the following articles. Find out more.

Have you known how often your car be serviced for best car condition? According to experts, to maintain your automotive in its best condition, you need to service your car every year. But, there are things you need to know about it, there are some mileage and age milestones of the vehicles that you need to be aware of. One of the important things is the mile age you can cover between oil changes. In the book manual has been described all about those things along with some task to be completed. Next, you should know about the cost of your car service. For the information, the average cost for a basic car service is $150 approximately without any replacement and repair of new part. But, you still get the cheaper price if you shop around.

Last thing you need to know when servicing your automotive is by knowing your service cars manual. The key to keep your vehicle in great repair is the cars service manual. The cars service manual may cover a regular maintenance task to carrier out, time when regular maintenance tasks to be carried. It also allows you to use the service manual to know the cost of your vehicle’s maintenance cost. To avoid any spending much money, you should follow the schedule in the service manual.