Make Your Car Brilliant with These 3 Steps

Make Your Car Brilliant with These 3 Steps

Make Your Car Brilliant with These 3 Steps – Having a shining car is always a good idea, but making a car is not easy. Blur, dust and dirt from the road can make your car look dirty. However, there are always ways to make your car shine without being dull and dirty. Look at this:

Special Shampoo
Making your car shine is about keeping the car clean. Using a special shampoo can be the best choice to make your car shine. Choose a shampoo that contains paint to maintain the basic color of the car. To get the best results, it is highly recommended that you do this once a week.

Just how you prepare yourself by studying the rules before playing online slots , you have to clean the surface before applying car shampoo. And here are some steps to get the best results:

– Clean the surface using a dry towel.
You must clean the surface before washing the car using water. Dust and dullness must be removed before water.

– Use slow water jets to wash cars
Make sure you use slow water jets to wash the car, because strong water jets are not effective for cleaning your car.

– Apply shampoo
After using the slow water jet, now apply shampoo to the surface of all cars. Make sure you use shampoo using a soft sponge to avoid scratches on the car.

– Rinse the shampoo
After applying shampoo to the entire surface, rinse the car using clean water with a slow jet. Do not apply another shampoo at this step.

Using a special shampoo for cars can make your car shine and maintain color for the long term. Do not use any shampoo that can cause dullness to the car.

– Remove Debris from the Car Surface Every Week
Car use on a regular basis every day can cause a blunt car. To make your car shine, you better remove debris that sticks to your car every week after washing your car. Rinse the car carefully and clean the debris with multifunctional paint for cars and motorcycles

Removing dullness can maintain color and also make your car look shiny. Don’t remove dullness using things that cause scratches on the surface of the car. If you have a special film on your car’s mirror, you can use it in the mirror too.

It might look very easy to make your car shine, right? Try these tips at home and make your car look new. Do it regularly and be more confident to drive it around the city.


Author: Novus