Some Fast Fixes for Car Repair

Some Fast Fixes for Car Repair

Some Fast Fixes for Car Repair – You can keep your car problem-free and running smoothly through DIY fixes and by understanding some tips to know what to avoid. It is much wiser to prevent damage from happening than to pay for more than what you should after said damages have already taken place. Say goodbye to unnecessary trips to car repair shops with these easy and cheap tips and trips.

1. Change the coolant in timely manner
Nothing lasts forever including the coolant for your radiator. It needs to be changed on schedule. Green coolant requires change every 24,000 miles and extended-life coolant every 100,000 miles. Failure in meeting these schedules can end up making you have to change the radiator, heater core, and water pump.

2. Change the fluids in timely manner
Changing transfer case fluid and differential oil is easy and cheap. These components would cost you $1,500 each for replacement, should you fail to change the fluids.

3. Pay attention to cabin air filter
You could overload the car’s A/C system if you left the cabin air filter clogged. The filter should be replaced once a year.

4. Test coolant with a voltmeter
Get a digital voltmeter. Set the digital voltmeter you have in your hands to the lowest DC setting reading. Dip the positive probe into the coolant. Touch the negative probe to the terminal of the negative battery. Rev the engine to 2,000 rpm. A reading of .4 volts or more, change the coolant immediately.

5. Do something about your cloudy headlights
Cloudy headlights can be easily tackled using a special kit. You do not have to replace them if cloudiness is the main problem here.

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6. Look for corroded battery terminals
Added strain will be the consequence of corroded terminals and it will be bad for the car’s charging system and systems of computer-controlled functions. Avoid electrical problems on your car by cleaning the corroded terminals regularly.

7. Beware of the defroster getting out of action
There is no need of bringing the car to a mechanic. Just get a Permatex Quick Grid repair kit from any auto parts store. Make sure you have followed the instructions and defrosting process can commence properly.

8. Mixing different coolants is a no-go
When mixed, the blue, orange, red, yellow, and green coolants will create cool mud. As a result, you will have to pay for up to $1,000 to replace heater core.


Author: Novus