Stop a Windshield Crack from Spreading the Easiest Way

Stop a Windshield Crack from Spreading the Easiest Way

Stop a Windshield Crack from Spreading the Easiest Way – Your windshield can crack from any number of causes. While it’s just a crack, you cannot take this issue too lightly. A cracked windshield may become a source of a variety of problems left unattended. If you choose to wait for a long time before eventually get the crack fixed, it will spread until you can barely make out what’s before you when driving. Once the crack spreads throughout the windshield, there’s nothing you can do but to replace it as repair might not work at all. Like the thing you play online on a site, you must always be careful and avoid unnecessary losses. There are risks of leaving cracked windshield unrepaired:

1. The chances of a serious injury or fatality increase with cracked windshield. In a rollover accident, the roof is likely to cave in easily if the windshield is cracked.

2. A cracked windshield is also distracting. Light getting into your eyes can get reflected and distract your vision. A cracked windshield is an eligible reason for the cops to ticket you and it’s for this safety factor.

3. A cracked windshield makes your car look unattractive. It may reduce the value of your car should you plan to sell it.

So, is there a temporary fix for this matter before you get to a repair shop?

1. Use superglue or clear nail polish
Make sure that you have cleaned the windshield with auto glass cleaner and paper towels before you fill the crack with either of the substances. Apply the nail polish or superglue to the crack and let it sit to dry. Once dry, cover the area with clear packing tape to stop dirt from entering.

2. Use a kit of windshield repair
You can find kits for windshield repair at local hardware stores. You need to bore a small hole into the top layer of the glass using a 1/16-inch drill bit. When you’re done, use the resin from the repair kit into the borehole to seal it, reduce pressure on the windshield, and prevent crack from spreading. If done correctly, you might even forget about having to bring your car to the auto shop.

3. Avoid rapid changes of temperature
Glass expands and contracts depending on the temperature. Park the car in the shade whenever possible and don’t use window defroster at least until the crack is repaired.

4. Make a point to either repair or replace a windshield
If the crack has already spread more than three inches, you may need to replace the windshield altogether.


Author: Novus