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Windshield Repair Service

Your windshield is an important safety feature of your vehicle.  If you ever get into a car accident, your windshield provides structural support and protects the occupants - especially during a rollover accident.  If your windshield is damaged or cracked, it is not only unsightly, but it is also a safety hazard that can fail your vehicle inspection in many States.

There are different types of windshield damage.  Here are descriptions for some of the common windshield damages.  A bullseye contains a dark-colored circular ring with an impact hole in the middle.  It looks very much like a target.  If the circular ring only goes halfway around, the windshield damage is known as partial bullseye or half-moon.  A crack, on the other hand, is characterized by a single line.  A windshield crack can happen on the inner or outer side of your windshield, and the line the crack follows may be straight or bent.  Sometimes, small cracks splinter out from a break in the windshield, and these cracks are called “legs”.  Another common type of windshield damage is called a star break.  You can identify it easily because it looks like a star.  There is a pit in the middle with legs shooting out in the shape of a star.  When two or more types of breaks occur at the same spot on your windshield (such as a star and a bullseye), the damage is known as a combination break. 

Before replacing a windshield, it is always a good idea to see if it can be repaired first.  Not only is it more environmentally friendly to not let a repairable windshield go to waste in the landfill, it is also better on your pocketbook as well.  The challenge when it comes to repairing windshields is that not all windshield repair companies are created equal.  Especially when it comes to more complex windshield damages such as combination breaks and cracks originating from the side of a windshield, some companies do not have the technology or expertise to repair the windshield.  Founded in 1972, NOVUS Glass is considered one of the best in the country in windshield repair.  Having repaired over 30 million windshields, NOVUS Glass pioneered the windshield repair technology and is now using the fifth-generation system known as Millennium.  What this means to our customers is that we can repair windshields when others can’t.

At NOVUS Glass Redmond, we fully stand behind our work.  Your windshield repair is backed by our national warranty.  Your NOVUS windshield repair will return your windshield to like-new condition by restoring the clarity and strength to your windshield.  As long as you own the vehicle, we guarantee that your windshield will pass the vehicle inspection in all states. 

NOVUS Glass is conveniently located on Avondale next to AA Auto Service Center in Redmond.  We provide in-shop service as well as mobile service.  If you would like us to repair your windshield at a location of your choice, we will travel anywhere within our service area to repair your windshield at a time and place convenient for you.  Call (425) 242-5224 to get started today!

Windshield Repair Service